Sunday, June 2, 2013

Massapequa/Bethpage Trail

Yesterday afternoon I took the two little ones out in the double jogger stroller for a five mile run in 82 degrees.  They both fell asleep after the first mile (Score!).  It's nice to be out running with them once in a while, but the strollers are cumbersome, especially ones that are garbage picked by Hoarder Husband.  Both the double and single joggers that we have veer to the right, so it can be annoying when I'm already hugging the curbs.  I usually take the least trafficked roads when I have the kids, so it's not that big of an issue, but not one that I would enjoy dealing with daily.

Today was my 1:45 run.  I decided to finally explore the Massapequa/Bethpage bike trail.  The Emerging Runner, a fellow local blogger, posts regularly about this park.  It seemed like the perfect venue for a long run.  I parked right off of Merrick Road at the foot of the Massapequa Preserve.  I got on the paved bike path and headed north for six miles.  I t was a little after 2pm and most of the path was shaded.  There were a lot of people out, either walking or on their bikes.  Only a handful of runners.  

I had to cross five roads (both ways), the busiest being Sunrise Highway at Mile 1.  The last three were exit ramps from Bethpage State Parkway, but I didn't even have to stop since it's a pretty quiet roadway.  Thankfully, these roads barely interrupted the run.  The path isn't as hilly as I expected.  I think if I ran farther north, I would have hit the hillier terrain.   The highlights of the outing were the goose and swan families waddling and swimming around.  I can't get enough of those fuzzy babies.  Overall, it is a scenic, peaceful route that I'm looking forward to running again very soon.

Swan family in the distance.  

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  1. I'm glad you got to the Massapequa/Bethpage bike trail. There aren't a lot of hills on the southern end, although the ramp over the Southern State is no picnic. I don't know how far north you went, but once you're past Merritts Road, you'll encounter some noticeable hills.

    If you start next time at the Bethpage lot you can run the northern extension all the way to Cold Spring Harbor or do a mix of paved and trail running on and off the path. However, I'm not sure you'll want to take the double stroller for that : )