Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pfitzinger's Pfunny

I aced Day 1 of my Pfitzinger Advanced Marathon Training Plan.  Day 1 consisted of Rest and Relaxation, translation: No Run.  I didn't even run when the baby fell down the steps in the backyard (Oh c'mon, it was only two steps!  She was fine.  Didn't even cry!).

Today was Day 2.  Lactate Threshold, 8 miles with 4 miles at half marathon (HM) race pace.  Okay.  I was browsing through the Runner's World Marathon message boards before I went out.  Someone on the same plan and schedule as me posted about his run.  He found it difficult to do the 4 miles consecutively at HM pace, his HM pace being around 9 minutes.  He broke it up into 4 intervals.  As I read this, I thought to myself, "Really?  How hard could it be running 4 miles at HM pace when you run13.1 miles at HM pace??  Seriously."  I expected most of the responses from the veteran, snark marathoners to be mostly critical and negative.  Instead, they all agreed that Pfitzinger's plan consisted of too many "fast" runs.  What?  I found this completely irritating.  All of these runners have held the Pfitzinger plan up as the ultimate marathon racing program for the ultimate marathon racers.  Now they're saying it's flawed?!  I decided that they were lying to this poster for no particular reason other than I was annoyed that my new plan wasn't perfect.

I headed out on my run.  The first two miles I jogged (Jog?) and then I picked it up to my HM pace (low 8s).  Did I mention that I started this run at 12:30pm in 85 degree humid weather?  Full sun.  So at around the 5 mile mark, I decided that all those veteran runners on the message boards were correct when they agreed with the original poster.  4 miles at HM pace on Day 2 of Pfitzinger is unnecessary and by golly, uncalled for!  Breaking it up is totally acceptable!  I jogged again and then ran two half miles broken up at HM pace.  Pfuck it.

It's supposed to rain on Thursday so I may do my 9 miler tomorrow.

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