Friday, August 16, 2013


In case you were left hanging at the edge of your seat from my last post, I did run my 8 miles a little after 7pm Tuesday evening.  I also did 8 miles Wednesday with 5x800m at a 5k pace.

Yesterday, my friend came by to run my 5 miler with me.  She texted me at 7am to say she would be at the house in 5 minutes.  I never jumped out of bed and got dressed so fast!  My daughter ran with us the first 3 miles.  She did great.  She got a stitch in her side toward the end, but toughed it out and never complained.  The entire run went by very quickly because of the company.  Sometimes it's nice to chat with a friend, forgetting about the time and mileage.

In honor of my day off today, I had a Starbucks skinny mocha and ice cream yesterday!  That's right, "skinny" mocha and ice cream!   The snack of a truly conflicted mind.

Please feel free to share the reason hashtags, aka The Number Sign, exist.  Is it necessary to sum up a 140 character thought?  Doesn't that just shrink your thought at least 10 more characters?  Not to mention, the extra 20 seconds it takes to come up with the little summary of your already little summary.  #What's the point?  


  1. #peoplebeingclever

    I also think there's a sense of liberty with the hash tag. It seems people can be truly honest, and somehow it's ok because it's a hash tag.

    Weird really.

  2. I'm a twit when it comes to tweets, so #IDontGetIt..

    1. #SameHereButNowICan'tSeemToStopHashtagging

  3. Remember back in 1997, when people started using the @ sign instead of "at" all the time, because they thought it made them seem cool and "web-aware?" And every new company or website name was followed by "dotcom?" I suspect the hashtag phenomenon will eventually fall out of favor as a meme-device, replaced by the thing that will supplant Twitter. #JustaGuess