Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Think I'll Pass

Yes, I'm a wimp.  I woke up at 7:30 and got dressed in my running attire.  I could hear the rain outside.  My oldest daughter, who is finally back home, and my son wanted to run the first couple of miles with me.  I whispered to them that it might be better if they accompany me another day.  The sleepyheads were totally fine with that suggestion.  I came downstairs and looked out the front door.  I wouldn't say it was a downpour, however it was definitely not drizzle.  The rain was steady and unrelenting.  I got on the computer to check the hourly forecast.  The thunderstorms were going to start in an hour and continue throughout the day until 7pm.  7pm it is!

Who's bad?  Not I, said the wimpy runner.

Do you tough it out in bad weather or do you wait until it clears?


  1. It's situational for me. Light rain, maybe I'll run. Steady rain, I'll wait. Lightning and thunder, stupid treadmill.

    1. I saw you went out yesterday. Show off ;P

    2. As did our friend, The Petite Pacer. Another show off ;P

    3. TPP is dedicated and I was just trying to make all other runners look bad : )

      And BTW, who just ran 16 sweat-soaked miles this weekend?