Sunday, August 11, 2013

Water & Chafing Don't Mix

I started my run before 7am at the Massapequa Preserve.  I did the the first 2 miles at a warm up pace, 8:45,  the next 12 miles at "marathon pace", and then a 2 mile cool down.  My average pace for the 16 miles ended up being 8:22.

When I started out I noticed that every runner I passed for the first 3 miles was Asian.  As an Asian, I am usually aware of the presence of fellow continent-men.  One friendly Japanese man asked me about my tattoo.  He could read Korean.  He knew the other Asian men passing us going the opposite direction.  It turned out most of them were training for the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, Pennsylvania in early October, followed by New York City.  We only chatted for a couple of minutes and then I moved on.

At Mile 5, I almost stepped on a little, gray mouse.  Ew.

Yesterday, while at the beach I had a good amount of pineapple and melon.  I knew then when I was chowing down that I would likely pay the price during this morning's run.  I was right.  There are no bathrooms for the first 7 miles on the Massapequa/Bethpage bike trail.  Not fun.  I will never eat so much fruit the day before a long run, make that any run more than one mile.

I found where the bike trail continued past the Bethpage State Park parking lot and continued another mile north.  At 8 miles, I turned around.  The run home went quickly, but the chafing on my inner thighs was almost unbearable.  My loose shorts were soaked from sweat which caused huge welts on my legs.  It looked as though someone branded me.  When I got home, I thought a shower would relieve the pain.  Note:  Showers exacerbate the pain TWENTYFOLD!


Some readers have asked if they would able to track me during Hood to Coast.  I was hoping the organizers would have an online tracking system like most larger marathons, but they do not.  I will run with my iPhone and will probably use Map My Run.  I will let you know how to track me through the Facebook page.


  1. Ouch!!

    I mean...OUCH!

    Until I started wearing compression shorts under my running shorts I used to get very similar chafing, except perhaps a little higher up too. Yeowch!

    1. Yep, I'm going to start wearing my bicycle shorts for my long runs. I haven't tried compression anything yet.

    2. Well I don't know that what I wear is any different from your bike shorts, except for no padding. Underarmor just calls them compression shorts, but I don't think they're like the new compression sleeves or socks.

  2. Do you ever use Glide? It could help prevent that issue without needing to add a layer.

    That 16 miles sounds like a killer workout. I don't know how you are able to do so much hard mileage in this humid weather. Glad you got to the north extension at Bethpage. One mile north, you would have just reached the start of the steepest mini-hill of that section. Sounds like you're ready for Hood to Coast.

    1. I have used Glide (In fact, I am wearing it as I type), but stupidly, after the fact. Last marathon cycle, I never had chafing issues so I don't think of it until it's too late. I need to be more proactive.

      Yes, I only saw a smidgen of the north extension. I have a few more long runs in my future so I'm thinking I will return, sans pre-run day fruit smørgåsbord.