Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On Our Way

Yesterday was a boring, flat, local 14 miler that was actually a 13.85 miler.  An 8 mile loop followed by a 5.85 loop.  Decent weather.  Today was a boring, flat, local 12 miler that turned into an 8 miler due to fatigue and flat out ennui.

We fly out to Seattle today.  Hood to Coast race day is Friday.  Wish me luck!  I'm not so much worried about the run.  I do not want to get lost either on my routes or at the exchanges when I am looking for people I had only briefly met hours before...in the dark....in large crowds...after running a race.  I suggested the runner to whom I'm handing off the "baton" wear a red and white striped sweater, red wool pom-pom hat, and black rimmed glasses to make it somewhat easier for me to find Waldo.  Still waiting on a response.


  1. How exciting! Have a safe trip out there. I know you'll crush some ass and be the star of your team. I'll be here rooting you on virtually!
    Have a blast!

  2. Have a great race!

    If Waldo doesn't go over well, maybe a pink bunny suit?

  3. I've only run one relay (Cape Cod Marathon) and that was simple compared to what you are taking on. But I suspect everything will all fall into place nicely once you get going. I hope you spend a lot of time enjoying the beautiful course and keep in mind that you are running in one of America's great races. All that boring training pays off on race day. You will do great.

    1. Cape Cod sounds fun! Thanks for the vote of confidence. T minus 2 days...