Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post Race Aches and Attitudes

Two days after Hood to Coast I ran 6.77 miles along the Willemette River on the Vera Katz Esplanade in Portland.  It was slow going.  My legs, particularly my quadriceps, were still sore from the race.  The scenic river front had a good amount of walkers and runners.  One girl waved at me as she and her man were running toward me.  Of course, I was suspicious and gave her a "You're a freak" look (New York edge at its best).  As she passed me, I saw she was wearing the same blue Hood to Coast tech shirt that I had on.  I then decided to wave, but it was too late.  She probably already concluded I was a bitch.  And she was gone.

Pedestrians cross on the lower level to get to the other side.

The next day I ran 7 miles on the hotel dreadmill with 6x600s at 5k pace.  Since I was focused on doing my speed work, the indoor workout was, dare I say, enjoyable.  Unlike today's 11 miler.  Yesterday we flew in on the red eye (translation:  I got no sleep once again), so I took the day off.  This morning I was out the door at 8:15.  My whole body felt stiff and my legs felt like they weighed a ton each.  Hopefully, my 12 miler tomorrow evening will be easier.

They call me "Breaking Worse", that's how hard I am. 
(not really)


  1. When I go out for my weekend "long" runs I sometimes think about the longer distances you do almost daily. How do you do it? I'm sure that run in Portland was a fun experience. Oregon is one of my "dream" running locations.

    1. I'm hanging on by a thread these days. I'm seriously looking forward to tapering. Yes, Oregon is in my top three states, as far as natural beauty goes. I really am hoping to do this again in the future.