Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Runner, Interrupted

Yesterday, I got my oldest daughter ready for school and then headed out for my 8 miler at 7am.  About a half hour later, she called me to tell me she couldn't find her bus pass so I had to drive her.  I cut my run short to 3.85 miles.  I went out again last night at 7 for 4.25 miles to complete the run.

Pete went into work later today so I figured I could do my 11 miler after the kids went to school.  I find it very stressful to do a run with time limitations.  I did 3 miles in Sketchy Park down the road and then the remaining 8 through the neighborhood.  Postponing my run to 9:30am when the forecast is for a steamy 90 degree day is not recommended.  Ever.  I stopped twice for water.  The people who work at the local Dunkin' Donuts are fantastic about hydrating me.  Thank you!  When I got home, my clothes were soaked.  I could wring the sweat out.  Lovely thought, right?

I need to switch up the schedule for the rest of the week because my half marathon is on Sunday instead of Saturday as per my Pfitzinger marathon training plan.  He has me running a 9 or 13 mile race on Saturday, easy 4 Friday the day before, and a 17 mile long run on Sunday.  I will run 9 or 13 easy miles Friday, 4 Saturday, the half on Sunday plus 4 at the end.  Scheduling can get tricky.  There's a method to this madness.  It's important to have certain runs precede or follow others.

Monday was the first day of registration for the Boston Marathon.  Apparently, 4,000 people signed up.that first day.  What?!!?   I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that there will still be room for me on Monday.  There's a lot of speculation on the Runner's World Online Forums as to when the registration may close.  The majority seem to believe it will close between BQ -4 and BQ -3, meaning people who have run either 4 minutes faster than their Boston qualifying time or 3 minutes faster.  I fall right smack in the middle of this category.

And at last, I would like to do a shout out to my freighbor who not only PR'd at the Angels On the Bay 10k this past Sunday, but also won 1st place in her age group!  My fellow blogger, The Petite Pacer, also ran this race after taking time off to recover from injury.  Fantastic comeback, TPP!

This is me after my run.  Look at how happy I am to run my fingers through my sweaty, smelly hair.  
I just love sweat.
(Of course, that's not me.  I'm never that irritatingly happy.  Mostly just irritated.)


  1. Are you running an actual half on Saturday, or are you running 13 miles at race pace? Either way, that training schedule sounds daunting. Copious sweating is always a byproduct of a long run. My son once stepped barefoot on a saturated running shirt that I'd tossed on the floor after a run. He said that it traumatized him for life : )

    I hope you can get a spot on Monday.

    1. Your poor son ;o) My little ones always run up to hug me when I come back from a run, until they see the sweat. They always turn around and walk away.

      Sunday I am running The Narrows Half Marathon in Brooklyn along the Belt Parkway.

    2. I always tease the kids when I get back from a run, "Come give daddy a hug!" My daughter: "Eww! I love you but you smell like coins."

      That's right, you'd mentioned the Narrows HM when you signed up. I think the weather may finally break today, so conditions will be less humid. Enjoy the views! You're gong to rock it.

  2. Thank you, A!
    My sister ran her first marathon, The Grandmas' this year, and it qualified her for Boston. She was accepted yesterday. I'll be making the trip with her, cheering her on.. So excited! Who is this Pfitzinger of which you speak? I must Google.

    I feel the same way about running under time constraints. It feels like my whole physiology changes when that happens. Bleh. Plus, I get a little testy.

    I hope one day to be able to run eight-eleven miles as easily as you do.

    1. I learned about Pete Pfitzinger's marathon training programs on the Runner's World Online Marathon Forums. It seemed almost everyone who followed one of his programs was able to achieve their goals. I'm using his "lower" mileage program (18 weeks, 55 miles at peak week), but still find it draining now that I am peaking. I'm just looking forward to the payoff at the end. Hopefully.

      Congratulations to your sister! She must be super fast to be able to register early! Wouldn't it be fun to all get together (with Emerging Runner too, of course) for a celebratory beer in Beantown?

  3. Crossing fingers for you...hoping you get in!

    And sweating is my superpower. Seriously. Drenched, every workout. I'm a little nervous about winter running because hypothermia will ruin your whole afternoon from what I understand...