Saturday, July 11, 2015

Perfecting My Easy Pace

Sunday (7/5/15) - 12.03 miles, 1:50:26, 9:11 pace - Started my 12 miler from the Bethpage State Park lot.  I ran 3 miles north and back.  I must have seen twenty little cottontails along the path, from adorable, little kittens to full grown does and bucks.  I felt like I was in a scene from one of my favorite books, Watership Down.  I passed the parking lot from where I started and headed 3 miles south where I met The Emerging Runner.  We headed back north together.  At some point, he told me to go on ahead without him.  We met up again at our cars and headed to Starbucks.

1.0 mi - 09:04 min/mi00:09:04
2.0 mi - 08:56 min/mi00:08:55
3.0 mi - 09:06 min/mi00:09:04
4.0 mi - 08:55 min/mi00:08:54
5.0 mi - 08:36 min/mi00:08:36
6.0 mi - 08:33 min/mi00:08:32
7.0 mi - 08:38 min/mi00:08:37
8.0 mi - 08:50 min/mi00:08:49
9.0 mi - 08:56 min/mi00:08:55
10.0 mi - 11:13 min/mi00:11:11
11.0 mi - 10:07 min/mi00:10:06
12.0 mi - 09:05 min/mi00:09:03
12.0 mi - 08:08 min/mi00:00:19

I guess I'm really happy to have finished my twelve.  
Plus, I was treated to an egg sandwich and fancy mocha latte.
Grazie, Guida Emergenti!

Monday (7/6/15) - 6.34 miles, 57:20, 9:02 pace

Tuesday (7/7/15) - 6.57 miles, 55:52, 8:30 pace - I ran to the high school track in the evening with my bicycle gang consisting of Pete, Santos, Rema, and one of Santos' amigos.  I ran 4 x 1200s with 400m recovery runs in between.  My pace for the 1200s was close to 10k pace.  Since it was late in the day and I had already eaten like a horse throughout, at some point Nature (my nemesis) called.  It was 7:30pm in July so the school was locked.  As luck would have it, there were a handful of porta potties on campus due to construction.  When I said "luck", I meant bad luck, of course.  All of the porta potties were locked behind metal gates.  I was getting desperate.  I found a large tree in the corner of the lot and "inconspicuously" leapt behind it.  As I emerged from the brush adjusting my shorts, a car drove past.  The female driver, a mother with her three kids in the back, clearly saw me and just knew.  I wanted to shrug and mouth, "Shit happens.", but instead, I chose to pretend like I was invisible.  Much more reasonable.  Hey, when ya gotta go...

Wednesday (7/8/15) - Off

Thursday (7/9/15) - 8.08 miles, 1:04:36, 8:00 pace - I just realized that morning that I had not been doing warmup or cool down miles during my tempo runs.  My schedule called for a 7 mile tempo, but I really was not in the mood to run 9.  I decided to just do a 1 mile warmup and then run the rest at goal marathon race pace (or too fast).  

1.0 mi08:43 min/mi00:08:42
2.0 mi08:05 min/mi00:08:04
3.0 mi07:58 min/mi00:07:56
4.0 mi08:00 min/mi00:07:59
5.0 mi07:46 min/mi00:07:45
6.0 mi07:48 min/mi00:07:46
7.0 mi07:42 min/mi00:07:41
8.0 mi07:44 min/mi00:07:42
8.1 mi09:05 min/mi00:00:45

Friday (7/10/15) - 6.4 miles - I brought the 3-year old in her jogger stroller.  No tracking, just enjoying the time with her until she fell asleep on me after a couple of miles.  That's how stimulating a runner partner I can be.

Post run selfie.  
Bright eyed and bushy tailed after 
a nice nap.

Saturday (7/11/15) - 10:01 miles, 1:30:41, 9:04 pace - I was going to run at Bethpage again, but I wanted to sleep in.  Also, Pete and Santos were away for a couple of days in Cooperstown.  I didn't want to leave the girls alone longer than necessary.  I mapped a new 10 mile route through Rockville Centre, Oceanside, Baldwin, and South Hempstead.  My pacing was spot on, thank you very mucho.

1.0 mi09:10 min/mi00:09:09
2.0 mi08:54 min/mi00:08:52
3.0 mi09:06 min/mi00:09:05
4.0 mi09:15 min/mi00:09:14
5.0 mi08:57 min/mi00:08:55
6.0 mi09:12 min/mi00:09:10
7.0 mi09:11 min/mi00:09:11
8.0 mi09:07 min/mi00:09:06
9.0 mi08:58 min/mi00:08:57
10.0 mi08:40 min/mi00:08:39
10.0 mi07:40 min/mi00:00:05

My new $6 Old Navy Activewear tank top.
I  need to seriously rethink my closet space...

Weekly Mileage - 49.4


  1. I don't know how long it will take to erase the mental image of you responding to the call of nature behind that tree, but I pray for a visualization delete button.

    Sadly, it's easy to see the splits where we were running together. I'm sure I made up for the slow pace with witty repartee. It was a pleasure to treat you to coffee, etc. And I'm sure you are pleased that your other arch-nemesis (who mans the gate at Bethpage) subsidized our Starbucks order.

    I like the $6 tank top. I'm sure it goes nicely with your new $20 running shoes.

    1. I believe in full disclosure.

      I can't help it if I'm the ultimate bargain hunter. This is my gift, my curse. Who am I?

      I'm Spider-Man.

    2. Fighting crime at night. Hitting the outlets at dawn.

  2. Very nice Hanson's week! Funny on your Tuesday speed session... as someone recently told me on a similar incident I had... character building stuff :-) I'm finding the tempo pace (MP) runs difficult in this summer heat though. BTW - I get my morning coffee at the same Starbucks before work.
    --Bertorama (from RW)

    1. Bertorama! I also find the tempos challenging. Monday and Wednesday nights I get a little anxious about maybe not completing the runs the following mornings successfully. My tempos have been about 10-15 seconds faster than my GMP only because I'm not very good at pacing (although, I think I know what a 9 minute mile feels like, finally). The first six weeks went swimmingly, however yesterday's tempo was a real struggle.

      Are you training for NYC? If you go to that Starbucks every morning, you must live near Bethpage State Park, right? Do you run there often? I think I'm going to do all of my Strength workouts, starting in Week 11, at Bethpage because of the well-marked path.

    2. asmay - 10-15 seconds faster than GMP is pretty darn good, especially if you can hold that pace through the end of the plan with the 10 milers @ tempo. I was mostly worried with the speed sessions, because I hardly ever run on the track or run faster than 10k pace during training. But I was surprised I was able to complete them (so far) without losing pace. But yes, the Mon/Wed nights gets you thinking!

      Yes, I'm training for NYC for the 2nd year in a row, and this will be my 2nd marathon as well. I actually live in Brooklyn, but work in Woodbury, although I am working more days in the city now. When I'm in Woodbury, I run the Bethpage bike path after work. I usually start at either Woodbury Rd or Washington Ave and head to Bethpage Park and back. It's a really nice place to train. There's a new water fountain installed about mile north of the park too, which is great on hot days.

      You are running St George, right? In Utah? Sounds like it will be a beautiful race!

    3. Yes, I'm running St. George. I'm psyched! When I was a wee young 'un, I drove across country with a friend and Utah was absolutely one of my favorite states. Just incredible scenery. St. George will be my 5th (after Philly, Batimore, Mohawk Hudson River, and Boston). I've been trying to get into NYC via lottery for years to no avail. I'm hoping I might qualify one day...although, the times are tougher than Boston.

      Being a Brooklynite, have you run any NYCRuns races? I really like that group. Much more low key and personal than NYRR. They had a nice half along the Belt Parkway (flat and fast) at the end of the summer. It was a great marathon tuneup, however I don't see it on their calendar this year. Prospect Park is a fun run, too!

    4. That stinks you haven't gotten into NYC yet. Please don't be jealous, but I got in via lottery last year on first attempt... very very lucky, I know! Keep at it though! IIRC, after so many attempts, I think you do get in.... I'll have to ask newtonmarunner about that. This year, I'm in via charity. I'm woefully behind in my fund raising, so it might just be the most expensive marathon ever :-)

      I ran one NYCRuns race last year, a 10K, which was and still is my 10K PR. I agree it's a much better environment to race in. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm going for the 9+1 for guaranteed entry into next year's marathon, so all of my races this year are NYRR. Without going into details, yeah, I'm starting to get sick of the crowds in these races.

      Are you in any of the goal threads in the marathon forum? It sounds like we're pretty close... I'm in the sub 3:30 thread, but hope to do sub 3:25, which might be over-optimistic. Anyway, I will definitely keep track of your progress toward St. George!

    5. I'm jealous. Actually, the people I know who've gotten in through the lottery have all done so on their first attempts. Jerks ;)

      I lurk in the goal threads. I was in the sub-3:30 a while back, but left because I felt guilty not keeping up with everyone's progress. What is your Marathon PR? I "secretly" would love to hit mid to low 3:20s in UT. I have read so many Hanson reviews where people had tremendous PRs. I think for myself, sub-3:30 is reasonable, sub-3:25 would be fantastic!

    6. With your training paces, you're definitely in sub-3:30. The only challenge I see with St George is the wicked elevation drop. I haven't read what others have said about this course, but I hope the quads will be ready... if so, you should crush the course.

      My PR is my first - 3:52. All the fancy goal pace calculators had me at 3:35 based on my 10K PR, so I was very disappointed in the result. After a bout of post-marathon depression, I started doing more research and realized (1) I didn't run enough weekly miles, and (2) my "easy" runs were run way too fast. I like Hansons because he gives you prescribed paces. I hope this does the trick this year.

      Stay cool (or as cool as you can) in this brutal heat!

    7. It's hard to set a goal and hit it on your first marathon. There are so many unknown variables that only become known with experience. 3:52 is a great debut.

      I agree, the elevation drop could be an issue. Same as the altitude. The couple of times I have run in high elevation, it took me a couple of days to adjust. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I don't know if there's anything more I could do. Maybe I'll do a couple of laps up and down the aisle on the airplane...