Monday, July 27, 2015

Mother Nature's Revenge

Sunday (7/19/15) - 14 miles, 2:06:00, 9:00 pace - When I got in the car at 7:30am, the temperature was already 80 degrees.  I parked on Sunrise Highway at the beginning of the Massapequa Preserve bike path.  I usually don't run with a water bottle, but thankfully I brought one that day.  I ran 7 hot miles north.  I stopped in the Bethpage State Park lot and refilled the bottle that I had just chugged in record time.  I headed back south at a quicker pace only because I wanted to get the run over with as soon as possible.  A couple of times I ducked into the woods and actually ran on the dirt trail (which I really enjoyed and will do more of in the future) where I found some shade and a "toilet-tree".  My phone died around the 10 mile mark which was very annoying, but I knew I was averaging a 9:00 pace (the first few miles a little slower, the last ones a little faster).  Finally, around 11 miles I ran into The Emerging Runner (ER).  He was enjoying the balmy weather as much as I was, if not more.  We ran together briefly and then I went ahead.  I waited at a couple of stops to be polite (Why is that so unbelievable?), but also I really was dying to just stop and sit in the shade (Okay, you got me!).  I embraced my car when I saw it baking in the hot sun and cranked up the air conditioner full blast.  By then, the temperature had reached a steamy 87.  I chugged the Gatorade that I stashed underneath the seat and waited for ER to live up to his name.  No Starbucks gathering so we said adios and went our separate ways.

Monday (7/20/15) - 6.01 miles, 53:30, 8:54 pace - So happy to do a short one.

Monday night Sanibel pointed out my creepy
looking bug bites on my leg that turned out
to be creepy looking poison ivy.  
From the "tree-toilet" at Bethpage. 
 It ain't just on my leg either...
Yes, I'm a genius.

Tuesday (7/21/15) - 6.1 miles, 50:10, 8:14 pace -  Ran early to the high school track and did 3 x 1600m with 600m recovery.

Wednesday (7/22/15) - Off

Thursday morning when I laced up, 
I found all sorts of crap stuck to
the bottom of my shoe from
Tuesday's run.  Sticks, stones, wonder it was a "rocky" one.

Thursday (7/23/15) - 8.01 miles, 1:04:02, 7:59 pace - 7 mile tempo run with a one mile warm up.  No cool down.

Friday (7/24/15) - 6.1 miles, 56:16, 9:13 pace - My son and I headed out together, he on his bike, me in my Hokas.  I had a feeling the company wasn't going to last when after the first mile he asked to stop for some doughnuts (I don't run with money, silly boy) and then suggested we stop at the toy store so he could decide what he would like for his upcoming birthday (Um...that's not what I actually do during my runs, son...).  I dropped him off after 4 miles and finished up solo.

Saturday (7/25/15) - 8 miles, 1:10:56, 8:43 pace - I was scheduled for a 10 miler, but since I was participating in the Urban Mudder  (which was spread over 5 miles) later that day, I figured I'd just do 8.  What harm could it do?........

Mudder review to come...

Total Weekly Mileage - 52.4


  1. Thank you for finally acknowledging my existence, albeit far after the fact. Sorry about the poison ivy poisoning. I suggest in the future that you carry the Pocket Book of Wild Plants whenever you "go" off trail.

    No writeup for Mudder??? But it happened on Saturday so you wouldn't be breaking any sacred rules if you mentioned it.

    Steely Dan rules!

    1. I'm convinced you only skim my posts and never actually read them. If you read it, you would notice I mentioned the Mudder twice.

  2. I only skim your comments too. Did you mention the Mudder or something?