Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Montreal and Newport Running

Sunday (6/28/15) - 8 miles, 1:12:55, 9:07 pace - We left Mont Tremblant and drove down to the Marriott Springhill Suites in Old Montreal.  It was raining so I decided to do my eight miles in the fitness center.  The television attached to the treadmill was working so I watched some CNN and the end of "I Know What You Did Last Summer".  My English speaking choices were limited.

Monday (6/29/15) - 6.2 miles.  It was 60 degrees and overcast at 7am.  I decided to run my six miles outdoors.  Again, I wasn't using Map My Run because I didn't want to get international data charges.  I thought I would run 27 minutes down and then turn around.

I met some fellow runners in the hotel elevator who told me where to run on the promenade along the river.  I took a left outside the hotel and saw the river a block away.  I turned left again, as per my elevator advisors.  This brought me less than a quarter of a mile into a marina which was fenced off at one end (Thanks, but no thanks, Elevator "Advisors".  Pfft).  I turned around and headed in the other direction, hoping it would take me at least three miles.  Once I passed the science museum (which we brought the children to later that day.  The kids had a blast.  Highly recommended!), the path eventually crossed a small bridge to the other side of the river.  There were a lot of people riding bikes to work and a handful of other runners, not to mention a creepy man in a tent.  It was quiet and peaceful and reminded me a bit of Copenhagen.  If not for the long winters, I think Montreal would be a beautiful place to live.   At 27 minutes I headed back to the hotel.  I must have missed a turn because I wound up in a construction site.  Luckily, there was a police officer who spoke enough English to get me back on my way.  In the end, I ran longer than 54 minutes so I just guessed I covered approximately 6.2 miles, maybe a bit more.

Tuesday (6/30/15) - 6 miles, 50:23, 8:24 pace - Speed work in the hotel fitness center.  One mile warmup, 5 x 1kilometer with 400m recovery in between, .75 mile cool down.  Later that day we went to the Olympic Stadium and watched the United States Women's National soccer team beat Germany.  USA!  USA!

Wednesday (7/1/15) - Off

Thursday (7/2/15) - 6.27 miles, 48:54, 7:47 pace - Wednesday we left Montreal and drove down to Newport, Rhode Island.  The traffic was unbelievably shitty.  The kids and I checked into the Navy Lodge on the Naval base,  Thursday morning at 9am I headed out for my six mile tempo run around the base.  My pace was faster than planned.  Th highlight was running into The Nun (My high school buddy/"partner-in-crime" who happened to be working with some junior ROTC cadets for a couple of weeks) and her friend toward the end.  It turns out the base is a lot smaller than I thought.

View of the Verrazano Bridge from the Navy base.

The Officers' Club in the distance,

Across the street from the Navy Lodge.

Friday (7/3/15) - Easy 7.4 miles,  1:07:50, 9:10 pace - Back at home, regular 7.4 mile route.

Saturday (7/4/15) - Easy 6.33 miles, 57:34, 9:06 pace - Overcast.  Wore my USA tank top to be patriotic.  

Total Weekly Mileage - 40.2


  1. The part about running with well known runner, blogger and bon vivant, The Emerging Runner™©, seems to have been cut off from your post.

    Montreal and Copenhagen are completely different. The cafes in Copenhagen serve danish and the cafes in Montreal serve croissants.

    1. What do you call a danish in Denmark? Do you say, "I'd like one of you, please? With jelly."

    2. 1. How do you know that the server is Danish? They could be Norwegian.

      2. Some Danish have cheese.