Monday, February 24, 2014

Three's Company

Sunday morning I woke up and left the house around 6:40am.  It was 36 degrees out.  My 8 mile run turned into a 7.25 run because I had to detour home to use the bathroom (Big surprise!).  I changed into a pair of shorts, a long sleeve cotton thermal shirt, and a t-shirt.  I got in the car and headed over to Eisenhower Park to meet my buddies, The Petite Pacer and The Emerging Runner (ER).

The Petite Pacer (TPP) was already waiting in Lot 6 in her Petite Car.  ER and I showed up at the same time.  We began our run after they got their Garmins connected to outer space.  We ran a couple of loops within the park, as well as on the sidewalks on the perimeter.  There were a few ice patches, but not too bad.  We ran at a relaxed pace, unintentionally, with some good conversation.  TPP had her usual pep in her step and ER made a good effort, especially since we ran double what he had been running since the new year.  In the end, we covered 6.7 miles (Amazingly, the exact number I needed to complete my 14 miles for the day!).

We made a quick stop at Starbucks, had our picture taken by a fan (or a very nice patron), then went our separate ways.  Once again, a fun run with wonderful new friends.  The miles tick away when you're with good company.  I am looking forward to our next outing.

The Dream Team
left to right:  Kara, Paula, & Meb

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  1. I will agree that the miles tick by a lot faster when you're in good company. A couple of times on the run I was surprised by how far we'd traveled. I'll admit that it was a struggle cover the distance yesterday, even at a pace that I'd normally consider pretty slow. My goal is to build back my endurance and return to my normal performance level. If I can up my speed we can spend less time on the pavement and more time having coffee : )