Tuesday, February 25, 2014

March Madness

I didn't race in the month of February.  This is the first month since June 2012 when I didn't run in an organized race.  I was signed up to run a relay, but it was cancelled due to...snow.  I looked for substitution races, but none were to be found that fit into my schedule.  I guess my guilt about this loss crept into my subconscious because now I am signed up for four races, four weekends in a row, in March.  This Saturday I am running the Little Cow Harbor Run for Hope (4 miles) with L (my buddy from the Robert Moses "hangover" 5k) in Greenlawn.  The following weekend I am running the Huntington St. Patrick's Day 5k.  The third race is the rescheduled relay from February with my blogging buds.  And then finally on the 22nd, I'll be running the NYCRuns 10k Spring Fling on Roosevelt Island with L again.   I don't think I've run this many races in a month before.  I'm actually considering also running a 15k the last weekend of March because I would like to see where my fitness lies at the longer distance for Boston.  I'm sure I'm going to hear a lot of bitching and moaning from Pete.

Have you ever raced this much in a month?  Were you exhausted by the end?

Picture of me on April 1
taken from my crystal ball


  1. Everything I read about marathon training supports doing frequent middle distance races. Your March schedule seems exhausting though. Do you really want to race 9.3 miles only a three weeks before Boston? You may be risking over-training unless you really take it easy from then until the 21st.

    1. It actually is quite common to run a half marathon three weeks before a full. It is the perfect time to check one's fitness. My training schedule has me running 16 miles (easy pace) two weeks before and 12 miles (easy) one week before. That's what Pfitzinger considers "tapering". As far as the multiple races, I think I'll be okay because they're short distances. We'll see. If I feel too tired by the end of the month, I'll pass on the 15k. I might have to pass anyway because my daughter's soccer season starts full swing the second week of March :/