Friday, April 3, 2015

Three Things

Three Things:

1.  Today is April 3.  Apparently, the More Magazine Women's Half Marathon (I'm in...?!) is in 16 days.  Wow.  That totally snuck up on me.  I was doing a decent job building up my mileage toward 40 per week...until the week of March 16 when I had a nasty head and chest cold (19.9 miles).  And then the week after when I silently protested the continuation of cold weather by not running on unseasonably cold days (22 miles).  So to say that I'm in no racing condition would be well, spot on.  The last time I ran farther than 8 miles was February 28th.  April 18th will be a nice, expensive (And what exactly do I get for my $90 entrance fee?  Nada, niente, rien, zilch?  A cheesecake*?  Minus the cheese?  And the cake?  Count me in!) "fun run" through Central Park.  Great.  

2.  On April 1 I registered for the St. George Marathon lottery.  Results will be in May 11.  Greater!

3.  And finally, in the spirit of racing, I decided to run the Long Beach City Manager's 10 Mile race again in May.  Every time I run this race, I swear it will be the last.  The first time I ran it, it poured rain from Mile 2-10.  The second time I ran it, the wind was ridiculously windy (!) by the water I could barely breathe, not to mention the course was measured incorrectly.  But I will not be deterred.  This time, it will be perfect.  You heard it here first.  The weather will be perfect; the course will be an astonishingly perfect 10 miles (No 10 mile course will be more 10 miles than this one!); and I will PR like a first time marathoner.  Guaranteed!  Yep, the glass is half full tonight...or should I say the beer bottle....wink wink...  Greatest!

Monday (3/30/15) -  8 miles
Wednesday (4/1/15) - 5.58 miles.  8 miler interrupted by phone calls.  Downside of running "connected".
Thursday (4/2/15) - 8 miles
Friday (4/3/15) - 5.58 miles.  8 miler interrupted by Mother Nature.  Downside of running after breakfast and two cups of coffee.

Weekly Mileage (so far) - 27.2 miles

l to r: Rose, Dorothy, 
and Blanche moments
before devouring a
young cheesecake
separated from its pride.

*There is a half marathon in the Rockaways that actually gives out whole cheesecakes at the finish line.  Sign me up!


  1. Did you know that there are ways to get cheesecake that don't require running 13.1 miles?

    1. Have fun running the More Half and don't think about how the organizers are denying the civil rights of all the men who would choose to participate.

    2. St. George sounds like an awesome experience. Downhill course, beautiful surroundings. I think they even let men run this one!

    3. That Long Beach race sounds like the 2013 LB Turkey Trot that traumatized me for months. But it sounds like you've taken care of the weather. Now how are you doing that?

    4. Proud to be a Golden Girl. They taught me everything I know about cheesecake.

    1. No.
      1. Men may participate. They cannot get an award.
      2. I am psyched.
      3. There's enough time to train. Hint Hint.
      4. You should be. Many of life's lessons can be learned during this half hour gem.