Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm Hip, I'm With It

April 14-17 - No running

April 18 - 5 miles at Bethpage State Park with running buddies, The Emerging Runner (ER) and The Petite Pacer (TPP).  First time I ran with them since New Year's Day.  Celebratory coffee afterwards at Starbucks, ER turned 75 on Sunday.  My hip had been improving since injuring it on Monday.  Before the run, I could only feel a very slight twinge.  After the run, it became increasingly aggravated by the next morning (Fuuuu...)...

ER (center) doesn't look a day over 74, right?

April 19 - (!) I decided to DNS (Do Not Start) the More Fitness Women's Half Marathon rather than DNF.  I did not want to do further damage since I will be starting my marathon training in a month.

April 20, Patriots Day - No running for me, but 30,000 lucky people ran the Boston Marathon.  I watched on my laptop. Universal Sports was the only broadcaster live streaming the event.  I had been so excited for the race all week even though I had opted not to run this year.  A part of me regretted not being at the party (because that's what it feels like when you're there), however the forecast was less than favorable, steady rain throughout the day (which actually didn't start until the elites were almost finished).  Last year's Boston Marathon was the greatest race of my life (albeit, my second slowest) and I will always cherish the memory.  Elite runners, Meb Keflezighi and Shalane Flanagan did not win this year as hoped, but they will always be winners in my book.  Their spirits are never defeated and they just keep keeping on.

April 21-24 - No running.  I've been dying to get out there, but TPP, who also happens to be a physical therapist, advised me to wait until my hip is 100%.  It's like 83.5%.

(photo credit: Pixabay)
Random picture of a hipster.

...and a hippopotamus

...and the Hippocratic Oath


  1. I'd like to point out that, in this future world (where I am 75), you will also be firmly entrenched in a "veterans" age division. The way I'm running these days, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't place in the 75-79 age group. And if I was that age I wouldn't have an awesome new SPIbelt. I'd have a fanny pack.

    BTW - I think I work with that random hipster.

    1. His name is Justin, he lives in Williamsburg, he grew up in Missouri, and he plays the harpsichord in a ska band on the weekends when he's not reciting Sylvia Plath poetry at the local coffeehouse.