Monday, March 9, 2015


I can't put into words how excited I am to be wearing shorts again!!!  Let me try: Yay!!

Tuesday (3/3/15) - 7.54 miles
Wednesday (3/4/15) - 7.54 miles
Friday (3/6/15) -7.54 miles
Saturday and Sunday - Got caught up in the kids' activities.  Slacker weekend.
Monday (3/9/15) - 7.54 miles.  While running up Seaman Avenue, a woman in a minivan ran a stop sign as she made a right turn onto Seaman.  I almost literally ran into her car.  I gave her my signature "Are you a fucking fuck for brains?" look, but she was denied the pleasure of receiving it because she was completely clueless.  The woman in the car behind her actually stopped alongside me to tell me she saw what happened and also thought the minivan driver was a fucking fuck for brains (she might have used different words).  I passed another runner on Grand Avenue in Baldwin.  He went to give me a high-5.  I reacted too slowly and instead got my shoulder slapped.  Oops.  Great run overall mainly because of the shorts.

Weekly Total Mileage - 30.16 all outdoors


  1. I see that you've given up on punctuation swearing and have moved fully into hardcore cursing. But given both circumstances (shorts weather and criminally negligent drivers), it's fully warranted.

    I'm extremely amused by the part where the runner high-punched you. I'm just surprised you didn't attack him with your car keys. Oh, wait, I forgot that you are a delicate flower now.

    I have to admit I love the picture.

    1. I actually went back and edited out a "fuck" because I thought it was too much. But now that I told you that, it's back. Shit.

    2. Remind me to high-5 you when you least expect it.

    3. If I remind you I'll most expect it.