Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Bridge Over the River East

The Williamsburg Bridge by night
(NY - pictures.com)

Wednesday (2/18/15) - 7.54 mile loop

Thursday (2/19/15) - 10 miles (8 mile loop, followed by a 2 miler), 24 degrees & windy

Friday (2/20/15) - 3.8 miles in Brooklyn.  Ran with a friend across the Williamsburg Bridge at 7:30pm.  The temperature was between 20-22 degrees.  The sky was clear so we got a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline.  There's a pedestrian/cycling path above the roadway and alongside the subway tracks.  The incline and decline of the bridge were not difficult, just enough to work your different muscles.  Just one other runner out and a couple of walkers (not of the AMC variety).

( bikeablecommunities.og)

(Getty Images)

Saturday (2/21/15) - Went out on the town after the Willy B run the night before and didn't come home until pretty, pretty late.  Intended mileage: 6-8.  Result: 2 unsatisfying naps

Sunday (2/22/15) - We got about 3-5 inches of snow on Saturday night.  The temperature on Sunday was close to 40.  The streets were just a wet, slushy mess.  6 miles at the gym on their treadmill because I still have the membership until early April.  And because it's the gym treadmill.

Monday (2/23/15) - 7.54 mile loop at 3:00pm in 20 degrees.  The sidewalks were very icy because of the previous day's conditions.  The streets were fine.

Total weekly mileage - 34.88 miles


  1. 1. I wonder how the Williamsburg Bridge incline compares to Brooklyn. I used to run the Brooklyn and it was a pretty noticeable grade at both end points.

    2. Saturday night sounds interesting. Please define pretty, pretty late.

    3. What is it about your new treadmill that you dislike so much? Is it the lack of distraction or the running experience? How does Peter like it?

    1. 1. Williamsburg incline might be slightly steeper, but not by much. I used to run Brooklyn, too. I thought I recognized you.

      2. It was Friday night. Pretty, pretty late is past your bedtime and past your wakeup time.

      3. Both the boredom and the way it feels. Peter hasn't run on it.

    2. At what time on Saturday morning did you realize you were no longer a 21 year old college student? Was it the pounding headache between naps?

      I can't believe he hasn't run on the new treadmill. It's a machine that lets you run IN YOUR OWN HOUSE whenever you want. I also can't believe I'm defending the treadmill.

    3. I wasn't so much hungover as I was exhausted. I will always be a 21 year old college student at heart, even though I know one day I'll look 25 on the outside. Until that day...

      When I get desperate, I will use it. Thankfully, I haven't reached that point yet. You should be a treadmill salesman.

    4. I would put you closer to 23 based on the pictures you just posted. I think that if there really is a god, and therefore a hell, I will find myself selling treadmills at some big box retail store.

  2. Blogging doesn't like me anymore. My post from yesterday got lost?
    I haven't run outside in over two weeks. I am ashamed.

    1. Don't be ashamed. Sometimes life happens. What happened to your post?

    2. I haven't run outside since mid-Feb! Sorry about the frustration with posting. Doesn't WordPress auto-save while you're writing?