Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wet Socks? Get Over It.

Thursday (1/29/15) - 6.4 mile loop in the snow

Saturday (1/31/15) - 4 miles in 28 degrees and windy

Sunday (2/1/15) - 10.2 miles in 35 degrees.  8 mile loop, then 2 mile loop

Tuesday (2/3/15) - 4 miles at the gym in 33:15, an 8:19 pace

Thursday (2/5/15) - 6.4 miles the moment the windy snow died down (10:45am).  I had enough time for a nice, slow run before I had to pick up Baby from pre-school.  No music.  I stepped in a deep puddle with my right foot near my 3 mile mark.  It was as cold and soggy and uncomfortable as you might imagine.  I contemplated cutting my run short to a 4 miler.  I wondered if I would get frostbite if I didn't.  Right where I would turn off, I realized I actually felt terrific.  Maybe my sock froze a little bit because it no longer felt squishy.  I kept going.  No regrets.

Total Mileage - 31


  1. Were you wearing wool socks? Wool insulates even when wet. Or maybe you did have have frostbite and lost your ability to feel anything above your ankle. When you took off your shoe was your foot still attached?

  2. That seems like the appropriate response.