Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hello? Is There Anybody In There?

Hi.  I am still here.  I was not a guest at any red weddings nor was I combatting any giant Icelandic behemoths (I'm talking to you GoT fans!).  Freighbor mentioned to me the other day that I hadn't posted since May 18th.  Almost one month!  Okay, here are the several reasons for this:  My weekly mileage is down to 20 mpw, if that; spring sports for the children have begun; guilt that since the Boston Marathon is over, I should be spending more time with the family; I'm tired; we got a kitten; my fitness (speed) level is waaay down; etc. etc. etc.

I will continue writing and I hope you will continue reading.  I love writing and this blog has given me a reason to do so.  If anything, it has slowed down the inevitable Mom brain rot process.  Rather than try to post as often as I can,  I think I'm going to do a weekly recap, unless I raced or I have something terribly clever that I need to share.  Thanks for sticking by me.  Keep the faith.

Say hello to my little frien'

Here are a couple of revelations I have had in the past few weeks:

1.  Cats destroy tech shirts
2.  Little girls + kitten - adult = terrible idea
3.  1 adult in home + little girls + kitten = no shower
4.  If things seem too good to be true on Game of Thrones,  a bloodbath will ensue.
5.  I joined Twitter, finally!  Follow me at!


  1. I think we're all in a running and blogging valley these days. I don't know about you, but when I don't/can't run, my posting frequency drops. A weekly recap is a good idea, along with the regular column in Footnotes you'll be doing. Right?

    1. Ha. I was happy they printed as much as they did! My shout outs to you guys made it too!

  2. Still regularly checking to see what you've said. What's Footnotes?

    1. Thank you, Laura!!! I'm glad you didn't give up on me :)

      Footnotes is the monthly magazine put out by our running club, GLIRC (Greater Long Island Running Club). They printed my Boston recap this month. I am not writing for them regularly...yet ;)

  3. yay! I'm now following you on Twitter :)