Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Things You May Not Know About...My Running

T-Rex Runner, another one of my favorite bloggers, posted Things You May Not Know About Me recently.  This topic has been going around Facebook for a couple of weeks.  Someone will make a list of little know facts about themselves.  Whoever Likes the post will be given a number and then have to list that many facts about themselves on their own wall. I accidentally Liked some of my friends' facts only to quickly delete the Like because I didn't want to post my own version on my wall.  Instead....

I'll do it here.  These will be Things You May Not Know About My Running:

5.  97% of the time it is a challenge for me to actually get out the door to go for a run.  As much as I love running and for as long as I've been doing it, I still procrastinate and negotiate with myself almost all of the time.  Once I'm out the door, I'm golden.  It's just getting out the door that is usually the problem.

4.  85% of the time I have to stop and use the bathroom on my daily runs.  It used to be 98% of the time, but then I stopped eating ice cream the night before.  This helped a little.  There are always available restrooms on my routes.  I can tell you which businesses in my town have bathrooms, which bathrooms are inconspicuous, which ones are clean, etc.  I'm what you could call a lavatory connoisseur of sorts (on second thought, don't call me that).  The few times I've run in a park have been risky.  I have ducked behind trees and bushes more times than I care to admit.  If a "runner" tells you she has never done this, she is lying.  She either has done it (more than once) or she's not really a runner.  (This is a conclusion based on no evidence.  I have only come up with this to make myself feel better.)  Here's a helpful tip you won't find in most running books:  When looking for a leaf to substitute as toilet paper, take an in tact clean one from the top of a bush.   The lower ones probably already have been exposed to other biological specimen.

3.  100% of the time I run what you would call "Commando".  All of my running shorts and pants have liners, therefore it is unnecessary to add an extra layer, especially a cotton one!  TMI, yes.  But it is something you did not know.  #3 has nothing to do with #4, by the way.  #4 has everything to do with #2 though - Ha ha ha, I couldn't resist.

2.  99.9% of the time I never stretch.  The .1% I do is when I am waiting at a very long traffic light and I'm bored.  And people are looking at me.  And then I feel pressured to do something.

1.  I am so uber-competitive about running, I will never be satisfied with any goal.  Pretty sad, I guess, but true.  In some ways, I think it's good because it keeps me always reaching for something.  In other ways, it sucks because I know I'll never be able to get it, because once I do, I'll find something else.  There will always be someone faster than me and I need to be okay with that fact.

Okay, readers.  Now your turn!  Please share a little known fact about your running or about yourself.  Enquiring minds want to know.


  1. I don't recall seeing you disappear during our run on Saturday, so I guess that run fell into the 15%. We'll need to plan our future venues around this hobby of yours.

    Here are my five:

    5. To get myself out the door, I always convince myself I'm going to go for an easy run. That probably explains my lack of speed.

    4. Every time I'm on a run, I get mad for not doing enough strength training and make plans to do a core workout on my next rest day.

    3. I never do it.

    2. Whenever I meet someone in my business life who says they run, I look them up on Athlinks.

    1. My business partner did the deal that started Runner's World : )

    1. I am totally an Athlinks stalker too!

    2. Speaking of which, I couldn't find you on FB.

    3. I am there! TPP even friended me : )

      I went years on FB without including anyone but my family, but I've expanded that slightly. My FB criteria is to only accept invites from people I'd have dinner with. This idea came from a friend of mine who, interestingly enough, has 185 friends. I'd hate to see that restaurant bill.

  2. I'm pretty much the same as ER's # 4, #3, and #2. I'm definitely an Athlinks stalker!
    #5 for me: Most times I feel overdressed for running.
    #1: I probably would not run if I could not use my electronics.

    1. It's hard to dress properly this time of year!

  3. I'm a major Athlinks stalker. I see who participated in the previous year's race and what I would need to run in order to get an award.