Monday, November 25, 2013

Eat the Turkey, But Just Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

Last week I did four 8 mile runs, one 5 miler, and one 3 miler, totaling 40 miles.  I passed on the Sunday long run because 1)  I am no longer training for a marathon and feel like I should be able to catch a break, 2)  I'm tired all week and love  not having to get up at the butt crack of dawn on the weekend to run for two hours (see #1) , and 3)  I'm thinking as long as I'm doing 40 miles per week, it shouldn't matter that much how it's split up.  I actually felt good by the end of the week and not overtrained, which is how I felt during a lot of my last marathon cycle.  My last couple of 8 milers I ran at around an 8 minute pace.  The speed felt very comfortable.  I didn't feel like I was racing or overexerting myself.  So far, so good.

My 5 mile turkey trot is on Thursday (Thanksgiving).  This particular turkey trot is popular in these parts, although it will be my first time.  Last year there were 3200 participants and almost 3400 the year before!  Yikes!  This is three times larger than the marathon I just ran!  Hopefully, there will be a timing mat at the start so the possible five minutes it might take to just cross the starting line is not added to your overall time.  Please Race God, don't let it be a shit show.  When the start of a race is chaotic, it usually throws me off for the whole event.  Think positive, Aimée.  Deep breaths.  Whatever you do...don't jinx yourself, dammit!

The good news is we are going out for dinner on Thanksgiving.  No cooking and no cleaning up!  We did this three years ago and for me, it was one of the best Thanksgivings ever.  The food was beautiful and delicious, but more importantly, I was totally relaxed and able to enjoy the kids.  I actually enjoy cooking a turkey (and I don't enjoy cooking pretty much anything), but once in a while it's nice to get a break.

So what are your Thanksgiving plans?  Are you hosting, going to relatives, or eating at a restaurant?  Will you also be doing a turkey trot?  Whatever you do, be safe and enjoy.

Not to be a party pooper, but...the day before Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims 
massacred a tribe of Native Americans who had gathered for a corn dance.
The next day the pilgrims gave thanks for their victory.  There was no
potluck dinner among the two groups.  It was just the pilgrims.  
The Native Americans were dead.


  1. Despite the true story of Thanksgiving, I love the holiday because it's so inclusive. I also think Turkey Trots are a fun concept. Good for you for going out instead of cooking. Last year we went to the Thanksgiving buffet at my mother-in-law's community clubhouse. Very easy and no resentment about slaving over a hot stove. We are at my sister-in-law's this year. It will be...fine.

    I hope you guys have great weather for the race on Thu. No matter what, it can't be as bad as Sunday's conditions.

    1. Yes, I agree, turkey trots are fun. If they're run on Thanksgiving. Away from ocean "breezes". And the temperature is above 25. And the winds are below :/

  2. Wow! I'm such a slacker this month and last. That's a lot of milage. That's a lot of people out on thanksgiving, too. I wonder from how far they come to run.
    Learning the true story of TG is like finding out there is no Santa. Only with more shame.