Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Get Your Streak On

Sunday (11/22/15) - Off

Monday (11/23/15) - 8.02 miles, 1:10:09, 8:45 pace

Tuesday (11/24/15) - 7 miles, 1:01;45, 8:49 pace

Wednesday (11/25/15) - Off - Last day off until January 2, 2016!

Thursday (11/26/15 gobble gobble) - 6.1 miles, 55:36, 9:07 pace - I decided to attempt the Runner's World Holiday Streak again this year. Run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving until January 1. I streaked two years ago and although it tested my creativity and commitment at times, I enjoyed the challenge. I've already created a Facebook Group with eager participants. It's definitely more fun and motivating when you have others to commiserate with and keep you honest.

I kicked off this year's streak with Freighbor and GM (both participants, as well) in the local park. We set out to do five, but there really isn't a five mile loop so we wound up running six. My damn cough/congestion was back so I was very aware of my huffing and puffing, particularly when attempting to engage in conversation (which I'm not used to anyway when running).  Both Freighbor and GM's GPS' had different readings. I chose to record a time and pace that split the difference. It was nice to have the company while lessening the inevitable guilt about what I was going to stuff into my face in just a few short hours. I forgot to take a group here is an artist's rendition of what a post-run selfie might have looked like...

Left to right: GM, Me apparently wearing
a child's bicycle helmet, and Freighbor.
(No, Freighbor and GM are not twins.)

Challah if you want more stuffing!

My "famous" walnut topped 
cranberry casserole
right before it went Hansel and Gretel.
Probably 5,000 calories alone,
but oh so good!

Friday (11/27/15) 6.13 miles - Early evening run with some strides.

Saturday (11/28/15) - 6.04, 53:27, 8:51 pace - Another evening run. I saved myself from a serious face plant due to an uneven sidewalk hidden by wet leaves.

Total Weekly Mileage - 33.3 miles


  1. So did you do anything interesting on Sunday?? Oh, I forgot that you're forbidden to discuss that until next week. Your food pictures are making me hungry.

    Who drew the selfie? Looks like you got a haircut.

    1. Sunday...uh...nope, nothing stands out.

      I had the "selfie" commissioned. The artist is local. She normally doesn't draw portraits. She's known more for her nature landscapes, particularly clouds and ponds.

  2. Yes, the clouds and pond in the picture are spectacular.

    1. Thank you. I mean, I'll pass on the nice compliment.