Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's New, Pussycat?

In my last post I said I had four more days before I would return to running.  Well, it was actually a whole day. The fall weather has just been so ideal, I couldn't wait.  I tried, really I did.

Thursday (10/15/15) 3.91 miles - My first day back I ran with my neighbor, GM, who is tapering for the New York City Marathon (She is one of three on our block, including myself, who had a marathon on tap for this year. Freighbor is the other, who just rocked the Marine Corps Marathon this morning! Go Freighbor, go Freighbor!). I wore my brand new Hoka One One Huakas which felt great once I figured out how to do the laces ("roller blade laces" which are great because they'll never untie and trip you). GM definitely had more pep in her step. I had to breathlessly remind her it was my first day back, dammit.  I mean, I can run faster. I just choose not to... (pant, gasp, pant)

Friday (10/16/15) 3.86 miles - Regular 4 mile (?) loop solo.

Saturday (10/17/15)  4.6 miles, 40:26, 8:42 pace - I ran 20 minutes east from Owl's Head Park to the Verrazano Bridge along the Belt Parkway, and then back again. It was a crisp, beautiful sunny morning. No wind.

Photo bombed!

Sunday (10/18/15) - Off

Monday (10/19/15) - 6.03 miles, 53:46, 8:54 pace

Tuesday (10/20/15) - 5.92 miles, 52:42, 8:54 pace

Wednesday (10/21/15) - 5 miles - I met a friend, JT, from high school who I have not seen since high school. She is a personal trainer out east and the mother of three very tall boys. She and I were on the cross country team together freshman year. By sophomore year, my co-dependent relationship with Phillip Morris got more serious and I wound up pursuing him, rather than continue with the team. JT stayed on cross country, getting faster each year. Decades later, we reconnected via Facebook and finally found time to get together doing something we haven't done together since we were 14! It was a blast!

Thursday (10/22/15) - 5.93 miles - 51:50, 8:44 pace

Friday (10/23/15) - Off

Saturday (10/24/15) - 6.82 miles, 57:25, 8:25 pace - I ran from Hofstra University east on the bike path along Hempstead Turnpike. It was 50 degrees and overcast. Perfect running conditions.  I felt light on my feet and ran a little faster than I planned. I turned north on Merrick Avenue and ran outside the west gate of Eisenhower Park to Old Country Road. I turned around and headed back. I only passed one other runner on the path whom I spontaneously high-5'd as we passed. He was very amused and chuckled. It's fun sometimes to acknowledge how lucky we are to be healthy, active, outdoors, and awesome with fellow runners.

Sunday (10/25/15) - 5.04 miles - Originally, I was going to run 7 miles with my son on his bike. My two little girls caught wind of this and were "not going to be ignored" (Quick! What movie? Hint: Rabbit Stew). The more the slower merrier.  My 6-year old rode her bike, too, and the "baby" (she's 4) went in the jogger stroller. The baby fell asleep while the other two did great. No complaints or requests to do a shopping/eating detour.

If you saw this motley crew barreling down the sidewalk 
toward you, would you run away screaming?
I would too.

What else have I been up to, you ask? Why was I at Hofstra University? Well, after many people telling me for years that I should be a Personal Trainer, I finally decided to take a look into it. The day I Googled, there just happened to be a free information introductory session at Hofstra that evening for a continuing education personal training certification course. I went. I was hooked. The thing that got me was this particular course is more scientific and principle based than others. I signed up the next day. I already finished my Anatomy prerequisite and CPR certification this past week. The actual Personal Training classes start next week. When JT and I got together, she gave me a ton of helpful information on working at a gym, as well as seeing clients privately. Once the course is complete, I will take the certification exam and then be on my merry way doing something that I love and completely makes sense for me, for a change.

I know!! I'm excited, too!!! 


  1. When you said you were going to run Hempstead Turnpike I had visions of you dodging cars and shoppers. That sounds much better.

    If only you hadn't followed the tobacco trail. Who knows, you could be running mid 8 minute miles on easy days and coming close to 3:30 marathons.

    Is there a difference between a personal trainer and an impersonal trainer?

    1. That's brilliant. I am going to market myself as the first "impersonal trainer". All training will be via Skype and only while I'm cooking or doing homework with the kids. I will answer every question with a shrug and refer to all of my clients as "what'syourface." I'm sure I'll be an instant success. You can be my first client, what'syourface.

    2. With that much indifference, you're sure to rocket to the top.