Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Go Army!

At 7:00am I got a message from my friend, Michele, that registration for the Army Ten Miler opened a half hour earlier.  I already had this on my calendar, but was not sure I would sign up mainly because my St. George Marathon is the weekend before the Ten Miler.  This would mean possibly being MIA from the family two weekends in a row - not only during soccer season, but on a tournament weekend.  I asked Pete his thoughts on the matter and he said, "Sign up."  Well, that was easy.  The site was slow as snails, but at least it hadn't shut down yet (which happened a couple of hours later when I tried to check out the course).  After a great display of uncharacteristic patience, I was in.  Michele got in, too.  She was the main reason I had any interest in this particular race.  As a DC area resident and avid runner, she said this was by far her favorite local race, better than the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and the Marine Corps Marathon.  Ten miles is a great distance and who better to run with than a bunch of soldiers?  There will be 35,000 runners, maybe the largest race at this distance in the country.  I am psyched.  Dare I say, "Ooo-rah!"

Wednesday (5/13/15) - 5 miles

Friday (5/15/15) - 5 miles

Saturday (5/16/15) - 5.61 miles 

Sunday (5/17/15) - 7.3 miles - The Petite Pacer and I ran 3.3 miles together at Bethpage State Park before meeting up with The Emerging Runner  (ER) for another 4.  Traditional Starbucks post-run coffee.

Tuesday (5/19/15) - 4.23 miles

Total Mileage:  27.14 miles

left to right:  ER, CSI: NY, and L&O:SVU
(Only one of us has not been cancelled)


  1. Why would Law & Order have a show about SUVs? I never understood that.

    That Army 10 miler will be a really good warmup for St. George. Are you bringing the family to DC for it? I'm still trying to process the part about you being patient with the slow website. You may want to check that you didn't accidentally sign up for a race in Washington state.

    1. Dyslexia much? First off, it's SVU. And B), the ten miler is AFTER the marathon.

  2. Okay, true. But at least I didn't forget to write about TPP's fight with that guy at Starbucks.