Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I went to a new orthopedist yesterday, Dr. Brian Neri at Pro Health Sport Medicine.  The office is large and bustling, however I never felt like I was getting lost in the shuffle.  First, they x-rayed me in the office which was very convenient.  After, I met with the doctor.  I told him that I thought it was bursitis from running, however, after taking a few days off, my hip actually felt 95% better.  He stretched out my right leg and then put pressure on parts of my upper thigh.  Nada.  He then put pressure right on the outer rounded part of my hip and bingo!  He chuckled a little which I thought was odd.  He then explained that he is actually writing a paper on this particular injury.  It is "tensor fascia lata enthesopathy" which is such a strange  coincidence because that was my nickname in high school.  He said he has only seen this condition in female runners, never male runners and never females who don't run.  It is similar to shin splints, except on the hip.  He said my x-rays looked great (I'm pretty photogenic) and I'm likely on the mend.  If it gets worse, I should go to a physical therapist or consider a deep muscle massage.  He also didn't think I would have any difficulty starting my marathon training in a couple of weeks.  I left the appointment feeling optimistic and couldn't wait to get home for a run.

Tuesday (5/12/15) - 4 miles, 32:47,  8:10 pace.  I went out at 2:30pm.  Although, it was 88 degrees and humid, the breeze never made me feel overheated.  On my second mile as I turned onto Maple Avenue, I could see some smoke in the distance.  As I got closer, I saw that there were some bushes on fire next to an office building.   Within minutes, the fire spread up the entire outer wall, as well as the Lexus SUV parked closest to the building.  The office workers who were inside evacuated.  A policeman strolled casually from the station house which just happens to be across the street.  He didn't seem impressed or alarmed.  I decided to keep running when some people mentioned the car might explode.  At that point, the fire trucks came howling down the street.  Almost a mile away, I could still smell the smoke thanks to the breeze.

Wednesday ( 5/13/15)- 5 miles, 42:08, 8:26 pace.  I ran past the building again today:

Someone didn't drive home yesterday.

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  1. Does tensor fascia lata enthesopathy mean chronic disciplinary problem in Latin by any chance?

    Great news that the injury is on the run and that you don't need to back off on your marathon training. Only you would get shin splints in your hip. Rebel.