Friday, December 13, 2013

Mizuno E Numero Uno!

I wasn't going to go out yesterday morning in the frigid 24 degree weather!  No way!  I waited it out until the afternoon when it was a balmy 29 degrees!  Ha!  Actually, I wore my new Mizuno cold weather running tights (On sale for $50 at National Running Center).  My legs were as toasty as a couple of melted marshmallows roasting over a campfire (I know, it's as though you're reading a line right out of a Robert Frost poem).  There are zippers at the ankles to make them easier to pull on and take off.  I've had my struggles trying to peel other tights off.  There is also a zipper at the waist in the back for gels.  So far, these are the my favorite tights to date.  I had my Uniqlo heat tech turtle neck, a thermal Old Navy shirt, and a fleece to keep me warm up top.  My face felt like I had stuck my head in a freezer, but thawed out after a couple of miles.  I wound up running an easy 8 miles.

I also received my new Nathan iPhone carrier in the mail!  It's a little loose at the tightest fitting, but it doesn't slide.  My phone won't fit inside with its protective case so I'm a little nervous about the bottom velcro giving and the phone falling out onto the street, but I haven't heard of this happening to others so far.

Today I ran 6.45 miles at 4pm.  The streak is going strong!


  1. You look cozy with less clothes than I wear. How do you do that?I have to go out in 3 layers and feel like Ralphie's brother!

    1. This was taken post-run. I had already shed my fleece. Who the heck is Ralphie? Christmas Story? I liked your outfit today! I need to control myself with all these Christmas sales. It's okay to say no, A.

  2. lol.. yeah..