Monday, December 16, 2013

And Bloggers Make Three

Saturday I met up with my favorite bloggers for another group run.  This time we met at the Greater Long Island Running Club (GLIRC) headquarters in Plainview, NY to participate in their larger group run.  As soon as I arrived, the snow started to fall.  It was around 27 degrees.  I didn't wait long for The Petite Pacer (TPP) and The Emerging Runner (ER) to arrive.  A GLIRC group photo was taken, for which we hung out in the back, yet still managed to "photo bomb".

You may be able to find moi.  
If you can pick out TPP and ER, 
then your detective skills are being wasted 
(unless, of course, you're a detective).  

We all quickly set off on our run.  Early on we managed to lose the group by taking a wooded trail.  It was tricky in the snow and ice, but fun.  However, I tripped on a tree root and hit the dirt.  ER and TPP helped me up.  I was not hurt badly, brushed myself off, and kept going.  This is my second fall in the past two months, and third in over twenty years.  I am lucky not to have seriously injured myself.  I hope I'm not tempting fate.  We found the bike trail again and the other runners at around the 3 mile mark.  I was pleasantly surprised we were at 3 miles so soon because it felt like not even one.  We decided to go a little farther before turning back.  The way back was a little hilly, which I loved because I hadn't run hills in months. TPP had tremendous energy from the beginning of the run through the finish, despite a couple of low mileage weeks and a chest cold.  I had to work to keep up with her.  ER  was a trooper and wouldn't give up, even though I could hear his breathing was labored at times.   Back at GLIRC headquarters, there was a wonderful spread of coffee, cake, bagels, and muffins.  After our carbo load, we stopped for some decaf at Stabucks, planned our next run together (the Long Island Road Runners Club New Year's Day 5 Mile Hangover Run), and then said our goodbyes.  I really enjoy running with these two and can't wait for our next outing.

left to right:  Clumsy, Techy & Peppy


  1. lol.. "stinky" should have been my moniker.. and you're too kind to say you had to keep up with me. It must have been that I was well rested from doing nothing for two weeks. You're still the favorite for the Hangover run.. Techy and I will be following behind!

  2. I'm no detective, but I'm guessing that one of those gray blobs superimposed on the group picture was me. That was really great and I would never have covered that much distance if I'd run without you two. I may need to take those suspicious looking black tablets to keep up with guys from now on. My goal in 2014 is to do one of our runs without making you guys have to stop and wait for me.