Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hanson's Weeks 13 and 14

Williamstown, MA
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Sunday (8/23/15) - Saturday night we came home from our road trip and Pete and I went straight to a party where I ate three crackers and drank three keg beers.  A recipe for an all day headache on Sunday and a missed run with ER and TPP

Monday (8/24/15) - 8.01 miles, 1:09:18, 8:39 pace

Tuesday (8/25/15) - 10.03 miles, 1:21:37, 8:08 pace - Last week was bad, but Tuesday I nailed my strength session at the gym so I started to feel optimistic again.  I ran 3 miles total to and from the gym, plus 3 x 2 miles at 10 seconds below Half Marathon pace with 800m recovery in between. Bring it on! (maybe I spoke too soon....see weekend)

Wednesday (8/26/15) - 6.43 miles, 57:24,  8:56 pace - This is normally my day off, but I decided to do a short, easy run since I missed Sunday.

Thursday (8/27/15) - 8 miles, 1:13:12, 9:06 pace - This is normally a tempo run, but since I was signed up for a Half Marathon that Saturday, I ran an easy 8 instead. 

Friday (8/28/15) - 4.09 miles - My 6-year old rode her bike with me while I ran.  

Saturday (8/29/15) - 8.46 miles, 1:03:35, 7:31 pace - ...then came Saturday's Half Marathon (the Labor Day Half Marathon or End of Summer Half Marathon or Rockapoco Half Marathon...why settle on one name when you can have three?). Saturday morning I arrived at the race with just enough time (Thanks, but no thanks Google "Maps") to pick up my number and not enough time to go to the bathroom, which was a big no-no.  The race was at the beach, 3 mind numbing loops on the boardwalk. I went out too fast, the first mile at 7:07, the second at 7:15.  I should have been averaging 7:36 to hit my goal. At Mile 5 Nature called.  And again around Mile 7.  At that point, I decided to bag the rest of the race.  I couldn't bear the thought of doing one more 5mile loop.  I went home feeling crappy about myself, but decided to just chalk it up as a tempo. 

Sunday (8/30/15) - 16 miles - Freighbor's family carbo loaded with us the night before.  She and I decided to run the Massapequa Bike Trail Sunday morning at 9:15. I was scheduled for 16, and she needed to run 17 (She's training for the Marine Corps Marathon). I debated whether or not I should be doing it the day after a tempo.  I decided to go ahead because I couldn't afford to miss any more days, especially a long run. We were averaging 9:15s, but by 13 miles I was done. It was already 87 degrees and Amazonian humidity.  I told Freighbor to go ahead while I Galloway-ed the last 3 miles.  Needless to say, I felt pretty defeated after the last two runs.  I questioned my sub-3:30 goal and even if a PR was realistic.  

That night I found this article which helped my outlook.  It basically says not to let a couple of shitty workouts ruin all the months of training I've put in.  I also need to be more confident and less doubtful about my abilities. "I think I can..."

Monday (8/31/15) - 6.01 miles, 54:59, 9:09 pace

Tuesday (9/1/15) - 10 miles, 1;21:33, 8:09 pace - This was the first day of school for my three oldest. While making their sandwiches in the morning, I sliced my thumb open with a new Cutco knife (Great knives, as evidenced by my deep, bloody wound). I was able to get it glued back together before drop off, thanks to the amazing urgent care facility in town. Despite the significant blood loss (Slight exaggeration might be in play), I ran to the gym where I did 2 x 3 miles, again 10 seconds below Half Marathon pace with one mile recovery in between.

Wednesday (9/2/15) - Off!

Thursday (9/3/15) - 9.77 miles, 1:17:26, 7:55 pace - My last 9 mile tempo run!!  Whoo hoo!! (10 next week...wait, wha?!?)

1.0 mi08:36 min/mi00:08:35
2.0 mi07:47 min/mi00:07:47
3.0 mi07:40 min/mi00:07:35
4.0 mi07:57 min/mi00:07:56
5.0 mi07:37 min/mi00:07:36
6.0 mi07:43 min/mi00:07:41
7.0 mi07:55 min/mi00:07:54
8.0 mi07:56 min/mi00:07:56
9.0 mi08:08 min/mi00:08:06
0.6 mi07:31 min/mi00:04:50

Friday (9/4/15) - 6.01 miles, 53:33, 8:54 pace

Saturday (9/5/15) - 9.78 miles, 1:25:42, 8:46 pace - I started my run from the Williams College soccer field in Williamstown, Massachusetts where Pete played in the alumni soccer game. The first five miles was a slow 300+ foot gain along Route 43 to the beginning of the Hopper Trail to Mount Greylock.  I turned around right where the paved road became dirt. I stopped at the super conveniently located porta potty (Thank you, Potty gods!) at Mile 6. The run back was mostly downhill and much quicker than it felt. I met the family at the field house where I was able to shower in the locker room. Afterwards, the school put on a nice barbecue where I had the most amazing vegetarian black bean burger in the world.

...and the Papa Tomata squashed the Baby Tomata and said, "Ketchup." I'm caught up.


  1. 1. Please read this:

    2. Cutco sounds like a brand of knife you would buy at the Dollar Store that doesn't meet US safety requirements. Sorry about the cut though. What kind of sandwiches were you cutting that required a surgical edge?

    3. I think you called the 6.4 mile, sub-9 nine run easy just to hurt my self esteem. Too late!

    1. The Cutco knives cost $1 x a lot more. I was cutting a roll. I forgot about how the salesman demonstrated cutting through a pineapple in one fell swoop and said, "Be careful not to cut your fingers off."