Saturday, June 20, 2015

Speed, Gym, and Rain

Sunday (6/14/15) - 8.04 miles, 1:11:30, 8:53 pace.  I'm still trying to get my pacing right.  I always seem to go out too fast and then try to adjust.

1.0 mi09:01 min/mi00:09:00
2.0 mi08:48 min/mi00:08:47
3.0 mi08:45 min/mi00:08:44
4.0 mi09:01 min/mi00:09:00
5.0 mi08:57 min/mi00:08:56
6.0 mi09:04 min/mi00:09:03
7.0 mi08:49 min/mi00:08:49
8.0 mi08:45 min/mi00:08:42
8.0 mi06:53 min/mi00:00:16

(Just figured out that I can copy my Map My Run splits!  Yes, it only took me a couple of years....)

Monday 6am  (6/15/15) - 6 miles, 54:35, 9:05 pace.  I didn't bring my phone so no data.  I'm loving these early morning runs.  The temperature is cooler, less traffic on the streets, and no worries about Pete freaking out at home with the kids because they're all sound asleep still.

Tuesday 6:20am (6/16/15) - 7.51 miles, 1:01:43, 8:13 pace.  I ran a little over a mile to (and fro) the high school track for my 8 x 600m intervals with 400m recovery laps in between.  There were a handful of other people running and walking around the track which was good because I would have been creeped out if I was alone.

1.0 mi08:54 min/mi00:08:53
2.0 mi08:16 min/mi00:08:16
3.0 mi07:50 min/mi00:07:50
4.0 mi08:00 min/mi00:07:59
5.0 mi07:11 min/mi00:07:10
6.0 mi07:55 min/mi00:07:53
7.0 mi08:30 min/mi00:08:30
7.5 mi08:41 min/mi00:04:22

I hit my intervals in the 6:40s and my recoveries in the low 9:00s.  I used the school bathroom at Mile 5 (Thank you nice security guard!) and screwed up the mapping, hence the discrepancy.  I adjusted the lapse in my overall time.  Good session.

Wednesday (6/17/15) - Off.  I joined my old gym again.  They had a special for former members:  No money down, $14.99 per month for the first 3 months and then $19.99 for the remainder of a two year contract.  I made the commitment because I wind up joining every winter, anyway.  I'm psyched to have this option again.

Thursday 6:30am (6/18/15) - 6 mile tempo run.  My tempo run pace should be about an 8 minute mile.  The first four miles I went out faster than I thought.

1.0 mi07:25 min/mi00:07:25
2.0 mi07:48 min/mi00:07:47
3.0 mi07:50 min/mi00:07:49
4.0 mi07:37 min/mi00:07:35
4.0 mi07:13 min/mi00:00:04

I had to stop at home for a bathroom break after four.  I decided to finish up on the treadmill at the gym (Lucky for me I had a new membership!) where I could accurately run my prescribed 8:00 per mile pace.

Friday 6:30am (6/19/15) - 7.05 miles, 1:04:41, 9:11 pace

1.0 mi08:55 min/mi00:08:55
2.0 mi08:53 min/mi00:08:51
3.0 mi08:54 min/mi00:08:52
4.0 mi09:13 min/mi00:09:12
5.0 mi09:22 min/mi00:09:21
6.0 mi09:30 min/mi00:09:29
7.0 mi09:23 min/mi00:09:23
7.1 mi09:05 min/mi00:00:26

Saturday 8:45am (6/20/15) - 6.55 miles, 58:29, 8:55 pace.

1.0 mi08:53 min/mi00:08:53
2.0 mi09:04 min/mi00:09:03
3.0 mi09:24 min/mi00:09:24
4.0 mi09:12 min/mi00:09:10
5.0 mi09:08 min/mi00:09:07
6.0 mi08:08 min/mi00:08:08
6.6 mi08:15 min/mi00:04:35

If you notice the last mile was a minute faster than the previous miles, it was because of the sudden downpour.  The rain was gloriously refreshing, however I was nervous about my phone drowning.

Total Weekly Mileage - 41.2


  1. Good move on signing up for the remote bathroom that also has some gym equipment. Running in the rain can be exhilarating. Heavy thunderstorms (as is predicting for 6 AM) is scary.

    1. Ha ha! I have used the gym bathroom during my outside runs. It's almost like you're stalking me. You're not stalking me, right?

  2. I guess it depends on how you define "stalking." If taking pictures of you running with my zoom lens and keeping a journal of everything you do is stalking, then technically you might make that argument.

    1. I need your address to send you a "postcard" (aka, the restraining order) from Montréal.

    2. 1234 Elm Street, Plainview, NY. Unrelated to that, where are you staying in Montreal and do you know if your room faces the street or the courtyard?