Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Weekly Recap 12/29/14-1/3/15

Monday (12/29) - 4 miles with Sanibel around the reservoir with an extra half mile on the streets.

Thursday (1/1) - 5 miles, 43:40, 8:44 pace.  Hangover Run at Eisenhower Park with Sanibel, The Petite Pacer, and The Emerging Runner.  Five loops of their one mile course.  There was a nice crowd, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.  It was chilly, but nothing a nice cup of Starbucks couldn't cure afterwards.

Friday (1/2) - 3.65 miles, 30:11, 8:16 pace.  Sanibel joined me again in the park.  We added some strides.

Saturday (1/3) - 11.71 miles, 1:34:44, 8:05 pace at Bethpage State Park.  I parked in the main lot.  I ran 3 miles north and back, then just short of 3 miles south and back.  Fluffy snowflakes began to come down during the last twenty minutes.  It was quite beautiful.  I kept up a good pace for the first ten miles, but faded quickly at the end.

Total Weekly Mileage - 24.4


  1. I don't recall you doing too many 10+ mile runs recently, so doing 90% of a Half at that pace shows really good fitness. Remember, you only have to run ten for the Race to the Brewery. Why do you think you faded at the end? Do you think you could be allergic to fluffy snow?

    1. Maybe I didn't fuel up sufficiently for the run? Maybe I was loving the snow and wanted to savor the moment by running slower? Maybe I ran Miles 3-10 too fast? Dunno. I'm definitely not allergic to fluffy snow, that's the best kind there is. More likely, I'm allergic to running solo at Bethpage

    2. Give me a few more days and I'll be ready to join you.