Friday, May 2, 2014

Post Boston Marathon Running

My quadriceps were toast pretty much the whole week after the marathon.  Those downhills apparently were no joke.  I didn't run again until the Saturday after.

the Saturday after:  4 nice and slow miles  It felt really good to be back out there.

Sunday:  Long run day.  Let's do an easy 8!  HA! Ha!  ha.  "Easy does it, killer," said my legs to my delusional brain.  5 it was.

Monday:  RDO (Regular Day Off or Running Didn't Occur or Got Game of Thrones Season One from the library)

Tuesday: 6.4 miles with 5x100m strides

Wednesday:  RDO

Thursday: 5 mile tempo run in 40:47, an 8:09 pace

Friday:  Easy 4 with 2 year old in jogger stroller.

Marathon Post Script:  I briefly mentioned chafing in my Boston Race Report.  I didn't want to darken the mood with negativity.  I will do so now.  It was hot on April 21, at least to run 26.2 miles from 11am until 2:46pm.  The temperature topped over 70 degrees.  Not only was I drinking a lot of water, but I was also pouring it over my head.  Repeatedly.  I didn't have a hat to keep my head cool.  Mistake.  Moisture causes chafing.  I had it on my arms from my Nathan arm band, on my hip from my gels, and my inner thighs from wearing the wrong shorts.

Under arm

Arm band cut


Words to the Wise:  Body Glide (Oh, and wear a hat).

P.P.S.  I also got a little sunburned on the back of my shoulders.  Don't forget sunblock.

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  1. I think you should post a chafing report every Friday.

    26.2 miles is a killer distance, especially when you're running it at race pace. I will remember to use BG for Brooklyn. It's nice to see that you are back to you normal workouts and good paces. Maybe we can do a group run on Sunday.