Monday, January 13, 2014

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Sunday was my medium long run.  It was a sunny 45 degree morning at 11am.  I wore my gray long sleeve tech turtle neck with a pink long sleeve over it, black pants, my sunglasses, gloves, and my black wool army hat.  I set out for the north shore with one FRS chew and a couple of dollars in my pocket.

I ran north through Hempstead, Garden City, Mineola, New Hyde Park, Manhasset Hills, and then finally Manhasset.  The route is flat until Mile 8, the beginning of Shelter Rock Road.  I stopped at the 10 mile mark at the King Kullen supermarket on the corner of Northern Boulevard.  I ate my FRS chew (not as gross as I expected) and bought a Gatorade.  After fueling, I initiated Map My Run to clock the last five miles.  I ran through Plandome, Flower Hill, Munsey Park, and back to Flower Hill to my mother's house.  These last five miles were rolling hills, terrain my legs hadn't seen in months.  I was able to power through them, but I definitely felt rusty.

My run ended up being 15.49 miles in 2:16:30, an 8:51 pace.   To quoth the modern day classic Care Bears sports film ("The Great Race"), "Slow and steady wins the race."  Um, maybe I need to broaden my film library beyond the G rating... 

Did you have a long run this weekend?  Have you seen this Care Bears movie?  

Postscript:  I don't think the FRS chew had any effect on my energy level.  I will try two squares next time.  I also drank a large glass of skim milk with the Designer Whey protein drink as soon as I completed my run.  Other than the powder clumping at the top of the glass, it was okay.  If I notice any changes, either positive or negative, you'll be the first to know!


  1. The Care Bears are a very wise bunch and we can all learn from them. As I recall, they're also very much into sharing.

    Good for you getting out for that long run on a miserable weather day. Did the dog waste sign photo bomb your selfie or was that intentional?

    You may need to try more than one of the FRS chews to achieve energy benefits, but remember that will mean more caffeine in your system. The best gels I've found for long training runs are GU Roctane and Accel Gel (which has a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein ratio). They both have a caffeine free versions. But they are gels so you have to deal with the warm sticky consistency unless you use a gel flask and mix in a little water.

  2. Nice mileage and pace! I would love to have a slow pace under nine. Do you know what your heart rate is during the run?